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Tips For Saving At A Repair Shop

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Are you looking to hire a mechanic that can provide you with affordable car repairs? If so, deciding on which auto repair shop to utilize is definitely your biggest concern. Before selecting a repair shop to use, there are features and factors that you can consider that  will help you save money on your car repairs. Have The Option To Receive Non-genuine Replacement Parts: Many auto repair shops may only offer genuine replacement parts that are made by major car manufacturers and because these parts are made with higher quality material and are designed for specific model vehicles, you will pay a higher price for these genuine parts. If you are trying to maximize your savings, then you will want to use services from a repair shop that has the option of you being able to receive third party replacement parts. This will help you save a good amount of money while being able to obtain the replacement parts that you need to fix any minor or major car issue. Receive Free Evaluation With Services: Having to pay just to get your vehicle diagnosed can be an added costs that you may not be prepared for. However, many repair shops may offer free estimates if you do receive repair services from them, which will allow you to understand what is going on with your car without having to pay for the diagnostic fee. This will save you money and give you confidence knowing that your car does have problems before you begin paying for services. Use a Locally Owned Repair Shop: Instead of using a major repair shop company, consider utilizing services from a small, locally owned shop. This can be a better option as you may notice that smaller shops offer lower repair rates. This is because smaller shops are likely to have less overhead to pay for and they need to provide more attractive prices in order to gain your business from major companies. Not only will a smaller shop be able to provide you with cheaper rates, but they will also be able to provide you with the same, high-quality service that you would get at any other shop. By utilizing these options, you will find that your rates on repairs will be much less and that you will have a more enjoyable experience with the repair shop, such as Blue Valley Garage, that you decide to use. Not only will this help you stay within budget, but it will help you stay on top of your car maintenance as you won’t have to worry about paying so much every time your car needs to obtain...

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Already Have Your License? Why You Should Return To Driving School

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If you have a driver’s license, it may be easy for you to believe that you have no need for driving school.  You’ve been out on the road and paid your dues, so you may find think you already have what it takes to be a good driver.  However, even if you have a license, you may be able to benefit from taking a driving class.  Use this information to learn more about how driving school is beneficial to those who are currently licensed. Driving School Could Help You Save On Insurance  One of the most compelling reasons why you should go to driving school deals with your insurance premium.  You may find that you’re able to save on the amount of money you pay each month for insurance if you’re willing to take a driving class. Insurance companies understand that sometimes you don’t get everything the first time.  Although you’re licensed and on the road, there’s still more to learn about being a cautious and safe driver.  Taking the time to undergo a defensive driver’s course can both teach you a lot, and save you money. Find out if your automobile insurer is willing to reduce your premium if you agree to take and pass the defensive driver’s course.  Once you complete the class, fax or email your passing certificate to your insurer so you can realize the savings. You Need More Techniques Along with saving on your premium, it’s a good idea to take a driving class simply to get more driving techniques.  No one wants to be in a car accident, and you would be amazed at the things you can learn by being open to improving your driving skills. For example, if you’re a tailgater, you’ll learn the importance of maintaining a safe driving distance.  In addition, you will be taught how to anticipate the actions of other drivers so that you won’t be caught in the crossfire.  Instead of thinking that drivers should be aware of you, you’ll learn how vital it is for you to be aware of them so that you can keep yourself and your passengers safe. There is always more to learn about any skill, and driving is no different.  Going to driving school could prove to be the very key that keeps you out of harms way on the road.  Consider returning to driving school today so you can enjoy these benefits and...

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2 Reasons Why It’s So Important To Keep Your Wheels Properly Aligned

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If you operate a vehicle and notice that it tends to drift to one side more than the other, it can be easy to let it go and think that the problem isn’t serious enough to warrant a repair job.  However, this, along with a vibrating or off-center steering wheel, is a sign that your tires are out of alignment.  Failing to address this issue immediately could result in some serious repercussions.  Use this information to learn more about why it is vital for you to keep the wheels on your automobile in proper alignment. Wheel Alignment Could Prevent A Blowout One of the most compelling reasons why you should keep your wheels aligned is that it could be the key to preventing a tire blowout.  The last thing you want to deal with is a tire blowout as you’re cruising down a crowded interstate at a brisk pace. When your tires are out of alignment, it sets up an imbalance because the weight of the car is not being distributed evenly throughout all four tires.  This results in excess wear and tire on one or more of the tires that virtually eliminates the tread, or grip, in no time.  If you let this go without taking the vehicle to a professional, you could find yourself on the side of road with a trail of metal rims and rubber tire in your wake. Don’t take this risk.  It’s better to have the car seen by an automotive technician right away, rather than deal with the hassles of waiting for a new tire order to come in and a possible accident. Wheel Alignment Affects Gas Mileage If you’re like most motorists, one of your main priorities is getting the greatest fuel economy out of your vehicle possible.  Keeping your tires aligned is one way that you can help make this aim a reality. When your tires are out of alignment, it takes more fuel to produce the forward momentum necessary to keep your car moving.  Think of it like this:  Good alignment is equivalent to rolling downhill, as opposed to trudging uphill.  All of this extra work takes more fuel, and you may find yourself paying more than you should at the pump. Cars with good alignment roll more freely over the road.  Keep your tires balanced and aligned so you can maximize your fuel efficiency. Aligning your tires is the safe and responsible thing to do.  Let a professional like Spring Suspension & Alignment Services align your tires today so you can start enjoying the benefits of a properly aligned...

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Best Gifts For The Off-Road Fanatic In Your Life

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The holiday shopping season is officially upon us, which means it is time to start finding gifts for everyone on your list. If one of your loved ones enjoys going off-roading, this holiday gift guide is for you. Here are a few gift ideas at a variety of price-points that the off-roading fanatic in your life would love to get this holiday season and would love to use out on the road. Cigarette Lighter-Powered Coffee Maker One of the best parts of going off-roading is that it takes you off the beaten path to places where not very many other people are hanging out. That provides a lot of opportunity to have fun with one’s vehicle, but it doesn’t provide anywhere to get a cup of coffee in the morning or when you really need it while off the beaten path. If your loved one really loves coffee and off-roading, a coffee maker that plugs into a cigarette lighter is the perfect gift for them. They can just plug the coffee-maker right into their off-road vehicle and make a few cups of morning joe before they hit the road or even after they take off. Make sure you pick up a really nice travel thermos for them as well to keep their coffee hot. Magnetic Fuel Saver One of the downfalls of going off-roading is that you always have to keep in mind how much fuel you have and how far you are from the closest gas station. To top it off, most off-roading vehicles are not the most fuel-efficient ones on the road.  Help your loved one get in some extra miles in by purchasing them a magnetic fuel saver. This device attaches onto a vehicle and helps the engine run smoother and last longer while cutting down on gas mileage as well. It is a great substitute for fuel additives that are pretty much a one and done type of deal. Off-Road LED Light Bar If you want to get your loved one a big present this year, then you should look into off-road LED light bars. These bars attach to the top of an off-roading vehicle and provide additional light to light up the roads and trails. LED light bars provide extra light for when your loved one wants to hit the trail early in the morning or late at night. They also help to increase visibility when out on a trail when it is raining, snowing or really foggy outside. The type primary types of light bars are bars and spotlights. Bars provide uniform light to help light up the road. Spotlight light bars allow one to control where the lights on their vehicle are pointing. There are also light bars that provide both bars and spotlights, allowing for extra light in general, and allowing for specifically focused light as well.  Next, there are a variety of different types of lights used in off-road light bars. The most common types of lights are LED lights and halogen lights. The biggest downside to halogen lights is that they take a really long time to reach maximum brightness, which can be an issue when you need to see something in front of you immediately. They also tend to be really expensive to maintain. On the other hand,...

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3 Signs Your Car’s Suspension Needs Immediate Attention

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When your car’s suspension is working correctly, your vehicle seems like it glides on the road, providing you with a smooth ride. However, if the system becomes worn, not only do you perceive every bump in the road, but you may lose control of your car. Look for the following three signs that your suspension system is damaged or worn. Car Excessively Shakes At High Speeds While traveling down the highway, you may notice your car shaking excessively. Having a worn-out suspension could be causing the issue. When it is no longer able to fully absorb the shock of every bump or small rock in the road, the energy from the impact travels throughout your vehicle’s frame, making it vibrate. Other problems could cause this excessive shaking, such as an uneven tire or misaligned wheels. No matter the cause, it is imperative that you have a mechanic diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible to ensure your car is safe to drive, especially at high speeds. Loss Of Control While Making A Sudden Turn When you make a sudden turn, your suspension normally absorbs the shift in weight and pressure on the wheels. However, when the system becomes worn, it cannot hand the impact this sudden movement makes. As a result, you may lose control of your car temporarily. This has the potential to cause you to drive off the road or into an oncoming vehicle. If you car has started to jolt while making a turn, you should have your suspension looked at immediately, as this behavior can become worse very quickly. This could help keep you from hurting yourself or others. Tires Lift Off The Road When Driving Over Small Bumps Usually, you may only slightly feel small bumps in the road, thanks to your suspension system’s shock absorbers. However, when these become worn, they cannot absorb the impact. This could transfer to your tires and springs, making your tires lift off the road after hitting them. During and after the impact, you are unable to control your car while the tires are not stable. While this may only seem like an uncomfortable inconvenience, the problem can progress into a safety hazard. As the shock absorbers become more worn, the airtime you experience can increase, making your loss of control longer. This could cause a potential accident and should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. If your vehicle shows any or all of the signs listed above, your suspension should be inspected as soon as possible. You may want to take it to a mechanic like Gitt’s Spring Company to discuss your concerns, as well as your options for suspension repair or...

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How To Repair Car Paint Chips

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The problem with repainting a car is that you need a lot of special tools and equipment that you probably don’t own if you’re not in the business. Of course, this does not mean you cannot get a few simple tools to repair small paint chips. At most auto parts and home improvement stores, you can get all of the tools you need to fix small paint chips. You will also need to stop by a dealership to get the replacement paint for your exact make and model of car. This article shows you how to fix basic paint chips on your car surface. To be clear, this article deals with how to repair chips in the paint—not chips in the actual surface of the car. So, if you car has a hole in the metal, you should get it fixed professionally. However, small rock chips that are so common among drivers who are constantly on highways are quite easy to fix on your own. What you Need The first thing you need is the right paint. Most dealerships sell factory replacement paints. These come in small convenient cans and even include a brush. The brush is tiny, almost like an eyelash brush. This makes the job very simple. Then, you will need a sponge auto sander. A sponge sander is best for getting into the tiny crevice of the paint chip. Auto sandpaper has extremely high grit count, but it needs to be lubricated with water before sanding. This is only necessary if you notice the edge of the chipped paint is peeling or raised. It is helpful to sand away any loose edges to prevent further chips or air bubbles underneath the new paint. If the paint does not seem to be chipping, just wipe down the area with a wet rag to clean it. Painting the Chipped Area When it comes to painting the chipped area, you just want to be sparing with the paint. It is best to do multiple thin coats of paint, instead of one thick coat. Let the paint dry for an hour between each coat. The paint has primer mixed into it, so you don’t need to prime the area first. Once you have the sandpaper and replacement paint you can make these simple repairs are soon as they happen. This is a smart way to prevent rusting that can lead to the deterioration of your car’s...

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Repair Auto Gouges Yourself With Body Filler

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Collisions are an almost inevitable fact of life for automobile owners. Fortunately, if the damage from the collision is not severe, such as a relatively small dent or gouge, you might be able to repair the vehicle yourself. One excellent method of repairing a gouge is by using a product known as body filler. Here is a closer look at this method.   The Product   Body filler is a cream-like substance that is relatively thick and has a variety of applications, as it bonds with and repairs many types of surfaces, including metal, wood and concrete. Because it is easy to shape and cures quickly, it’s an excellent product for anyone performing their own auto body repairs. Body fillers must be mixed with another product, called a hardener, in order to work well. The hardener will come in a tube, while the body filler comes in a large can.  Paint  The first step in the repair process is to remove the paint in and around the area with the gouge or dent. The best way to effect this is to use a grinder with the appropriate type of sandpaper. A grinder that has 36-inch to 50-inch sandpaper attached should work well in most instances.  Mix  A key step in the process is mixing the body filler and the hardener. First, make certain the body filler is well mixed inside the can. Then place some of the body filler on a nonabsorbent surface, such as a sheet of plastic. Place a small amount of hardener on the filler. For example, if the body filler is the size of golf ball, the hardener should be dime-sized. Mix the two together with a spreader until the mixture is a solid, consistent color.  Apply  You only have a short time to apply the body filler mixture to the dent. Place the body filler on the damaged area within five minutes of adding the hardener. If you wait longer, the body filler might start to harden and be more difficult to work with. For best results, apply multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat to the gouge.  Finish   To finish, wait for the body filler to cure and then use sandpaper to smooth it out so that it’s even with the surrounding area of the vehicle. Once its sanded, the final step is to paint the body filler so that it matches the rest of the auto.  Using body filler is a great way to save money repairing small gouges and dents. For more severe damage, contact a local collision center or body repair shop, such as River’s Truck...

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Finding The Perfect Light Duty Truck For All Of Your Outdoor Camping Needs

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There are a number of great trucks on the market today. Chevrolet continues to make a reliable, light duty truck with the production of the Silverado. The 2015 model has not disappointed buyers. In fact, the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado is a popular vehicle for truck owners everywhere who love to enjoy the rugged outdoors and travel places regular cars can’t go. When you want to create your own path, a light duty truck is an excellent choice. Manufactured with High-Grade Steel This truck is manufactured with hard work in mind. Manufactured with high-grade steel, the Chevrolet Silverado stands up to years of every day use. Riding on rough terrain has never been easier. Built to last, this full-size pickup beats the competition when it comes to reliability and durability when compared to other trucks available in the same price range. This truck is solid, and built to be used to haul heavy loads, plow snow and handle rough road conditions. Highly Customizable There are eleven different color choices for the Chevrolet Silverado, and you can even choose a white diamond tricoat as an additional customization. There are four different models of this truck, and you can choose between a standard bed and a longer truck bed, a regular cab and an extended cab. Depending on your work load or passenger needs, the choices available give you the options you need. There are many uses for a light duty pickup truck. If you love to go camping, a truck will get you to remote places with all of your gear packed into the back truck bed. If you are a taller person, a truck will work well for you. It’s easier to get in and out of a truck if you are on the taller side and you won’t have to scrunch down in order to drive your vehicle. Many people drive a light duty pickup truck as their primary transportation. While fuel efficiency may be a little worse than with a small sedan, this is not always noticeable to drivers who changed over from a car to a new truck. Trucks are being built with better fuel efficiency and are not the gas guzzling vehicles that they once were. Trucks are an affordable option for those that don’t want to drive a small car or an SUV. Whether for work, play, or a combination of both, a new truck may be the perfect choice for you. Contact a company like Grey Chevrolet Inc for more...

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3 Signs That You’re Paying More For Auto Parts Than You Should

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As an automobile owner, buying parts to maintain and repair your vehicle is a necessity, at least every now and then. If you are like many car owners, you might dread this part of car ownership; however, since you have probably noticed that auto parts can be extremely expensive. However, it is possible that you are spending more on car parts than you should. These are a few signs that you aren’t getting the best deals on the parts that you need to take care of your vehicle. 1. You Never Buy Used A lot of people shy away from the idea of purchasing used auto parts because they assume that the quality won’t be good. Although certain things should obviously never be purchased used, this can be a good way to save money on certain parts. For example, body parts for your car, such as bumpers or side-view mirrors, can generally be purchased used at a great discount. Some large and expensive parts, such as motors and transmissions, can also be scored for reasonable prices if you buy them used. Luckily, some used car part stores offer warranties on their used parts, so this can be a nice way to get a good deal. You can also often find used parts at junk yards for reasonable prices, especially if you are willing to remove them yourself. 2. You Only Buy from the Manufacturer Manufacturer-specific parts might seem like the best purchase for your vehicle, but there are a lot of high-quality aftermarket parts out there that will do the same job for a cheaper price. The auto parts industry is highly regulated, and aftermarket parts have to adhere to all of the same standards as the parts that are issued by car manufacturers. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing these lower-priced parts, particularly if you purchase them from a reputable auto parts dealer. 3. You Let Your Mechanic Do All the Shopping It might seem convenient to let your mechanic purchase the necessary parts when doing maintenance or repairs to your vehicle. However, you should know that your mechanic probably won’t shop around for the lowest price. Plus, he or she might even mark up the parts a few bucks for the service. Buying them yourself and bringing them to your mechanic is generally a reliable way of saving money on your car parts. If you aren’t sure, ask your mechanic to quote you for the necessary parts for an upcoming repair or maintenance project, then shop around to see if you are able to find a lower...

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Buying Used Tires | A Consumer’s Guide To Prevailing Questions

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Whether you drive a small car or a large pickup truck, buying tires will likely be one of the bigger maintenance expenses you have throughout the life of your vehicle. This may leave you looking for opportunities to save money when your tires start to get a low-tread. You will probably find that there are a lot of tire service centers that have used tire sets available. While you can usually get these tire sets for a fraction of what you would pay for the same new, you likely have several questions. Here are a few of the most prevailing questions consumers have about buying used tires. How can you tell if a set of used tires has been patched or plugged? Most tire centers will not sell used sets that have been patched; however, it is always a good idea to check out the tires for yourself. Even though they can sometimes be hard to spot with an untrained eye, if you look closely, you should be able to see repairs that have been made. Look at the inside of the tire in a well-lit area to find any discrepancies in coloration or material, as the patching and plugging materials used are more pliable and can appear darker or lighter than the color of the actual tire. Is it true that some used tires can still come with a warranty? Some vehicle owners buy new tire sets from tire service centers because they prefer a different traction type or appearance. There may be nothing wrong with the tires that they already have and in some cases, the tires may even still be under warranty. In these cases, the tire center will often extend whatever is left of the warranty to you if you buy the used tire set. Can you buy used tires for any vehicle? This is actually one of the bigger concerns. Even though it may seem like used tires would be fine to use for any type of vehicle, this is actually not the case. If you have a car, truck, or SUV with an automatic all-wheel-drive system, putting used tires on your vehicle could cause a lot of problems. The automatic all-wheel-drive system functions by sensing when there are slight differences in traction of the tires. Therefore, if one will is slightly more worn than another, the all-wheel-drive system will be signaled to kick in even though it is not necessary. Over time, this can create issues with your transmission. If you are considering investing in a used set of tires for your vehicle, make sure you take some time to get information first. Talk to a representative from a tire service center, like PDR Automotive Inc, about any questions you have and to see if there are used sets available for...

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